1. “Dammit! Put me back on dry land or I will piss in your bellybutton!”

  2. Doin’ it doggie style.

  3. Panda Bear

    Feed me a stray dog.

  4. I’d pay to watch it..

  5. Still can’t get past that face.

  6. So, this is a thing now, right? This is a career for this chick?

  7. Poupette

    Is this the royal baby?

  8. “Oh God, it’s in! Who’s a pretty boy now? Who’s a pretty boy?”

  9. Maoix

    Thought that was a baboon for a second (and feared for the pug’s safety as a result).

  10. Come honor face

    Seriously fish. Everyday with this chick

  11. Big Toe

    Her dads chest sweater is sexier.

    Who cares about this broad. She’s busted.

  12. Looks like she traded up in boyfriends.

  13. cc

    ‘Did you just splooge, little fella?’

  14. Hmm… what can I write here that would be worthy of the New Yorker…

    “Boy, that dog looks like he eats a lot of peanut butter!”

    Nailed it!

  15. lawn

    She isn’t even legal yet but I’m already sick and tired of her.

  16. She looks like Marilyn Monroe’s autopsy photo.

  17. Did her step mom finally have that baby?

  18. and some say the missionary position isn’t popular anymore!

  19. Cara

    You guys are so terrible…but so fuckiing funny! I didn’t even think of anything sexual when I saw this picture but as men that’s all you saw! Love you guys!

  20. Bigalkie

    Red Rocket Red Rocket

  21. Odbarc

    “I thought the dog Ireland style!”

  22. Isn’t that illegal?

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