1. it had to be said

    I like the collar. It nicely hides the seam where the body was attached.

  2. JanGator

    The only thing grosser than flabby interior side-boob is flabby interior side-boob with rolls underneath.

  3. Esma

    *snap *snap *snap*
    uh uhhh GIRLFRIEND! who the hell did your makeup!?
    What the hell is with you Jacksons wearing makeup WAY lighter than you NATURAL skin color. Joe Jackson must of damaged all of your self esteem- you can clearly see it.

    and by the way, your side boob looks like a wrinkled sausage.

  4. Rick


  5. Sheppy

    Michael’s ALIVE!
    and has boobs???

  6. Boy when she was “In Control” she was hot. Now not so much.

  7. ss109

    It looks like that titty might be planning another escape

  8. At least the disturbing side boob distractes from her vacant doll-eyed expression.

  9. Generous amounts of white powder have been applied to the eyes to conceal her wrinkles…..they should have applied some powder below her tits too.

  10. Cock Dr


  11. Johnny P!

    Whole wheat flapjacks, anyone?

  12. Buddy The Elf

    Not pictured but present: Kurt Cobain and Tupac.

  13. nick

    Michael! You’re back!

  14. No, not even naked.

  15. Now that’s a scorched Earth wardrobe malfunction.

  16. FattyMcGee

    How is it that an actual human looks like a wonky photo shop project?

  17. Elf

    Is Madame Tussauds having a touring exhibition?

  18. SSHGuru

    My eyes, Bleach – Please!

  19. clucky

    black people turning white, white people turning orange, what a world!

  20. Skink

    What’s up with that tittie? It looks like there’s a string under it or something? I’d be willing to do a little investigating none the less.

  21. me

    she is so beautiful. :)

  22. catapostrophe

    She looks a little like Stripe.

  23. Lou Poo

    The face and the tits should look the same age. Porcelain face yet aging tits. What ever happened to aging gracefully?

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