1. I see he’s on the Jonah Hill diet…

  2. Chaz Bono has really let himself go.

  3. Walter is catching that flight to find that elusive stranger in the Alps.

  4. I guess when you’re that big, you just have to lift your leg to blow farts…

  5. Anal Finger

    Looks like John ate Roseanne and the rest of the cast.

  6. If I let this out right here… it’ll smell like taxi exhaust!

  7. ruckus

    He looks like he is about to crash through a wall and scream, “OH YEAHHHHH!!!”

  8. God, please just let this be a fart, not like last time!

  9. “Yabba-dabba…don’t you DARE run over my foot with that thing!”

  10. Great news for John Goodman! Much like Pluto, scientists have now downgraded him to a “dwarf planet”

  11. meeps!

    Sweet! The live action “Terrance and Philip Go To Fat Camp” movie is finally happening!

  12. It’s John GoodGodMan.

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