1. If the girl screamed out “Freedom!” after this, William would have her beheaded.

  2. it’s easier to suck a peasant virgin’s blood if you kill them first.

  3. “Get away from me you inbred swine!!!”

  4. JennywithaY

    I’ve always thought that he looks like a guy that has bad breath. Just a feeling.

  5. Well, now we know why Prince William officially decided not to wear a wedding ring.

  6. Vinnie

    British dental habits….nuff said.

  7. cc

    Unhand that child, you weak chinned dauphin!

  8. Little Tongue

    Garlic breath!

  9. This photo just goes to prove that inbreeding is still rampant in certain parts of the country.

  10. Frotteurist

    Does he always take off his ring before he hits on younger women?

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