1. little turtle head


  2. Those teeth make her look even weirder than before. That having been said, I still would. I know. I suck.

  3. Brought It

    Holy teeth, batman. Awful.

  4. I know that look on Hizzoner’s face. It’s the one that says, “I’m going to kill the aide who set this up.”

  5. Snookie heard “sandy relief” and thought she’d finally found the answer to her vaginal dryness.

  6. Minky Wail

    “No Snooki, when I was trying to ban Big Gulps, I wasn’t referring to swallowing.”

  7. Dammit she does look kind of hot. I need a bottle of tequila.

  8. Her dentures make her look like Lena Horne. No offense to the late Ms. Horne.

  9. “I know, I know… but with money I have, I can still fuck this thing and make both her and the STI disappear”.

  10. Skippy86

    Hey Bloomberg, you wanna do something useful ..ban her.

  11. cc

    It’d be funny if he punched her in the face like that guy in the bar.

  12. anonymous

    Those of you that think Snooki looks hot need to freakin’ get out more. Where are you all–in jail?

  13. Little Tongue

    “Do I get to take her home? Wink, wink.”

  14. Looks like they both were rooting around in the bottom of the dating barrel, and then, suddenly…KISMET!

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