1. You will never catch me Inspector! My scrotum nose can detect you a mile away!!

  2. cc

    Didn’t this guy get shot when they tried to put a hit on Tony Montana?

  3. HAHAHA I’m too rich to pay French taxes.

  4. I fahhht in your general direction!

  5. Hugh Jazz


  6. o'chunt

    The movie is 90 minutes of Depardieu peeking around corners. Enjoy!

  7. “Stay away…I ate my motor scooter and I can eat you, too!”

  8. “No! Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time. “

  9. tlmck

    “Oh hello. Just having a quick pee here.”

  10. “Next on our tour of the Dreamworks studios, we’ll see our Shrek model before make-up and CGI. Those of you with small children, please be advised, this could be very frightening”.

  11. Grafikman

    Heeeeeerre’s Gerry!

  12. SMB


  13. Seen here filming “Paul Lynde: The Later Years”.

  14. Later

    Ola k ase?

  15. “HAHA I’m not wearing pants !”

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