1. I’m not for terrorism but if some Chechen extremists wanna take out these two, then by all means..

  2. cc

    ‘Just act inconspicuous, they are raiding our tour bus.’

  3. Colin

    I’m going to assume that “Lil Za” is slang for “tiny homosexual”.

  4. Steve Martin

    Two wild and crazy guys!!!

  5. They couldn’t be gayer if the were sucking each others dicks right now.

  6. Hitler

    Firing up the gas chambers. Just give me the word.

  7. flaT

    They just got finished pillow fighting in their PJ’s… or was it pillow biting….

  8. Tiggles

    So that’s what happened to Stefan Urquelle . . .

  9. After millions of years of evolution, the human species reaches its zenith.

  10. I’m not familiar with the kind of thing I’m seeing…

  11. Ahh, young interracial homosexual love.

  12. Yucky girls wanna wrap their ginas around your shit-sticker? Don’t worry, there’s an app for that.

  13. Bieber practicing a “rusty trombone.”

  14. CK

    If I were gay and had sleepovers with my main squeeze homie, I’d probably wear stuff like that too. but I’m not.

  15. “Urkel II – The Douchening”

  16. Jenn

    Are they wearing onesies? They are! I know they’re in Sweden, but surely somebody over there could shoot them for such outlandish douchebaggery.

  17. dontkillthemessenger

    Who knew the Boston bombers would have serious competition for Most Hated Duo of the Year?

    (Wait, Rumer and Tallulah were wearing WHAT at Coachella?)

  18. Andrew

    They’re FABULOUS!

  19. Andrew

    But seriously, if I was ever shown these pics in high school, I would have never touched drugs.

  20. “You better WOOOORK!
    Work it, girl!
    Do your thing on the runway!
    Sashay! Shante!”

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