1. Perplexity

    If Equality Now means balancing out the good looking/bad looking guest list for all the pretty people.

  2. hmm… is it just me or is she looking a lil cheetarah-ish?

  3. Johnny P!

    ‘You’ve Got Mail!’
    Oh wait… it’s just more spam.

  4. Batman

    Huh, and here I thought she was dead.

  5. Contusion

    I have to say though, as much as she’s looking a little plastic, she’s looking better now than she did a few years ago when she first went way overboard.

  6. brit

    Van de Graaff generator hair style

  7. Patty

    She looks better than usual

  8. ksmack

    I thought Phil Spector was in prison?

  9. dontkillthemessenger

    When Harry Met Sally must’ve been 55 years ago.

  10. Allison Wunderlan

    Hey, didn’t some of your body parts used to belong to Meg Ryan?

  11. HCR

    Vince Neil lost mad weight.

  12. Meg, darling, you’re 50 years old. Time to run a brush through your hair.

  13. Coyote

    Do I look like a “Has-Been”?

  14. Just_As_it_IS

    First thought: Don’t attend events after a pillow fight. And use more deodorant.

  15. She’s looking a lot better these days.

  16. the joker

    i wont have what she’s had.

  17. bassackwards

    Yeah…. stoned…. she has NO IDEA what she’s looking at…

  18. Mama Pinkus

    pretty soon, anyone will be considered old if they can remember when this gal was cute

  19. I think she’s got male genetalia….

  20. Eve

    and i think she looks quite nice. you are just picky.

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