1. har har har

    I’m feeling lazy, sooo… “Suck my kiss.”

  2. Vaguely grotesque and unsettling.

  3. Dad, I think he’s gonna pork her.

  4. Cock Dr

    Yeah…that’s probably better than heroin.
    Better for ya anyway.

  5. JennywithaY

    Something about her hair and denim jacket makes me feel like he is about to have sex with a time traveler from 1995.

  6. BatGuano

    I guess that ‘Hitler Jr.’ look is working for him.

  7. Take a look inside — it’s my dick in a sock (it’s in a sock)

  8. I’m jealous. Still would do.

  9. Meshuggah Tits

    “Do you have a kiss for Daddy?” (Ferris Bueller reference, kids)

  10. “Mommy… where’s Daddy?
    MOMMY! … where’s Daddy….”

    Come on and sit on yo’ Daddy’s lap
    ‘cuz I’m the one, that pats yo’ back
    Give yo’ Daddy a kiss girl

    …awwww Dad

  11. It looks like he went back in time to make out with 1989 Anthony Kiedis.

  12. DUDE!!! Do her, right there behind the car. While you’re there look for my initials because I did her there, too.

  13. “OMG, I used to blow old dudes for heroin money too! Let’s make out!”

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