• I figured more people would get the movie reference than if I said “Hagraven” or “Deathclaw”, “Splicer”, or (sobbing in the corner, don’t distrub her) “Witch”. Hmmm… maybe she HAS been doing some modelling in the last few years.

  1. The face says Seattle Slew but the hands say Crypt Keeper.

  2. I said she was ugly WAY before it was cool.

  3. Deacon Jones

    Just when i thought that thing couldnt look any worse…

  4. That pendant looks like it’s big enough to choke a horse!

    “I know.” — Matthew Broderick

  5. Keno

    Lady Elaine is looking better now that she grew her hair out…

  6. BatGuano


  7. Kodos

    I wonder how the mole she had lasered off is doin’…

    ..gotta be better than this.

  8. Gin&Tonic

    proving tits can’t make up for everything

    • Cletus

      The nag should have got naked and showed us them teats back when people actually wanted to see her bits.

      Now not even going naked will revive her career… nothing left but the glue factory for the old girl.

  9. tlmck

    I think it’s high time that the government put some research dollars into Crone’s disease.

  10. Vladimir

    Try jumping back and forth between her and the Ben Kingsley pic just before this one…similarity is AMAZING.

  11. kim

    I’ve always thought she was gorgeous. Real talk.

  12. Yoda Mann


  13. With her there, it sure as hell wasn’t the “Blue Ball Book”.

  14. toopier

    All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good horse, and a good wife.
    Daniel Boone

    …or just a gun
    Ferris Bueller

  15. Skippy86

    OK try to imagine those hands rapped around your member while staring at that face. Now try and get a boner.

  16. Pine Table Fever

    Damn. Jim Henson’s Creature Shop are certainly worthy of their name.

  17. Does anyone remember if there’s anything in Greek mythology with the body of a woman, the face of a horse, and the talons of a buzzard?

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