1. now watch this: If I aim it at that girl over there, her dress will drop off.

  2. Ben Kingsley looks like one of those shitty CGI “vampires” from “I Am Legend.”

    By the way, Will Smith & Co. will burn in fucking hell forever for what they did to that story. I have that on very good authority.

  3. The Patrick Stewart/Barbara Hershey/Greg Proops threesome I saw in the thumbnail was much more interesting.

  4. weeblo

    you know when I has to let one rip, I usually try not to be so conspicuous about it

  5. toopier

    Look! Someone photoshopped Kingsley’s face onto a live person’s body.

  6. “Schwiiiing!”

  7. Did he have to make it so obvious that his underwear is riding up his crotch?

  8. This picture makes me realize that Robert Downey, Jr. would be the most annoying conjoined twin ever.

  9. The Ouroboros

    “Thought I saw a red dot on me for a second. There has to be an Avengers 2.”

  10. He really needs to quit trying so hard. He became a caricature of himself a long time ago.

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