1. That must be a fucking enormous TV.

  2. Wonderful, she’s mastered flight… Now we have flying midgets…

  3. Joe Blow

    Vlad: “Yeah, so I like fucking midgets. So what?”

  4. Hey, Klitschko, do they always act like that after their “protein injections?”
    Hayden Panettiere — Never goes on a date without her Klit.”

  5. Tiggles

    Why does it feel like they broke into someone else’s house to take this picture?

  6. Cock Dr

    See? She’s not hurt at all…she loves it! Can’t live without it.

  7. That’s how you know you’ve made it. You’ve got a hot little starlet GF and you both decide to keep a second cutie around.

  8. “We represent the Lullaby League!”

  9. Take two. They’re small.

  10. They had to photoshop out the giant blast of semen propelling them up like that.

  11. why isnt the guy in the middle happy…….THREEWAY DUDE….THREEWAY!!!!!

  12. They seem really happy about his penis. He on the other hand does not seem to be really happy about them. Maybe midget sex is not as hot and awesome as I was led to believe it was.

  13. His legs are a different colour to the rest of him!

  14. I take it that’s her spotter.

  15. dani

    looks kind of like she has a penis.

    i knew it.

  16. seriouslynow

    Dr. Steelhammer’s not impressed.

  17. I’ve never seen women actually jump for joy after sex. Kudos, Wladimir.

  18. her bf is such a hot brute…yummy. not sure how that works in the bedroom though….

  19. Kel

    The Cottingley Fairies have reemerged, this time with a real live giant.

  20. Pretty sure Johnny Manzel is receiving improper benefits here.

  21. Two” flying fucks” and one “Who gives a shit?”

  22. “Yes. Is annoying. Like the little chipmunks. But when they both swing on the fenis like flagpole, I am smiling.”

  23. Looks like those mean little pixies are teasing the big dumb giant about not being able to fly again. Not nice.

  24. Interred Ferguson

    Are we supposed to know who be the bonus ho’ ??

  25. Swearin

    I don’t know what new sitcom this is a promotional photo for, but GREENLIGHT THIS SHIT IMMEDIATELY!

  26. “It’s raining midgets! Hallelujah!”

  27. AC

    I don’t want to see how sad the Lollipop Guild is when someone breaks it to them that guy isn’t Dorothy.

  28. joe

    Looks like he wandered on set for a tampon commercial.

  29. Meghan

    it’s not actually the pic from her twitter…the one on her twitter doesn’t have the guy- he’s been photoshopped in…c’mon superficial!

  30. Burt

    I’m impressed, she sure can jump high.

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