1. To Kim: This is how you do curves….

  2. Jason

    I’m getting a Kelly LeBrock vibe from this.

  3. Beltliner

    I like the direction they’re going with for this ZARDOZ remake.

  4. Shockingly, it’s a photo of Kelly Brook on The Superficial.

  5. How old is this picture? I’m guessing at least 5 years old

    • Gen

      So would you consider your interest to primarily lie in the historical context of fashion photographs or tits? Just wondering.

  6. cc

    That picture is dated. I don’t care.

  7. HOLY!!!!! My imaginary girlfriend never looked this good!!!

  8. I love peek-a-boo cleavage with big tits

  9. Gawd a’mighty! Is that woman trying to give me a heart attack? Beautiful!

  10. anonym

    it has an 80′s vibe which still works today

  11. This picture is from Maxim, four years ago. Because nothing says “confidence” like posting professional edited photos from almost half a decade ago

  12. Fuck yes. She is sexy.

  13. Kelly, you’re not fooling me with this outfit – I’ve seen you in track pants.

  14. What the fuck planet is she from? There’s no way she’s just a simple human…

  15. BeefMushroom

    Bad Ass Bitch!

  16. Over rated fat chick.

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