1. In a just world, that would be Chris Brown’s shrunken head on a stick.

  2. downdowndown

    Somewhere some poor African goat is covered with flies because this attention-ho mess is using its tail in her pathetic attempt to rock a meme.

  3. How considerate of her to wear so many items he can use to beat her with…

  4. Frank Burns

    That’s right Rihanna, turn to witchcraft for your romantic decision making, you couldn’t possibly do any worse.

  5. Problem?

    oh look, Rihanna trying to be edgy….once again

  6. So the Umbrella Rihanna is never coming back then?

  7. El Jefe

    She looks hot.

  8. LJ

    I guess if Rihanna weren’t famous we’d be seeing her on one of those “Girls Gone Wild” DVDs nude and munching on her BFV. (Best Friend’s Vagina)

  9. ‘gimmie about 3 and a half minutes, maybe even 4′ send free text messages at

  10. George P Burdell

    She got topless without Chris blacking either of her eyes.

  11. Truk

    Bust a deal, spin the wheel.

  12. Dan

    We give her all this grief, but admit it guys… she is rich, hot, and probably awesome in bed.

  13. Anonymous

    Chris Brown has got bigger titties than she does.

  14. MrsWrong

    *sigh*…”His pimp hand is so much stronger than mine”

  15. This proves she’s got one nasty snatch if she has to carry that thing around to swat flies.

  16. If I keep tweeting seductive pictures people will forget that I am a stupid hood rat that collaborated with the retard that beat the shit out of me

    • Drew

      Collaborated? You mean, back together and fucking.

    • YagiSka

      Basically. She’s pretty gorgeous. If only she didn’t sound like Thugnificent Miss Cleo every time she opened her mouth. I hate myself for saying this, because Chris Brown is a girlfriend beating douchey piece of shit, but she and he probably deserve each other.

  17. Donald

    Yes she tried to get back together with Chris Brown and was rejected. Oops

  18. Man, Chris Brown must be into some freaky anal toys.

  19. Please just disappear already.

  20. Rihanna, my dove, you are a hot, sultry wench and your eyes are filled with the fires of passion. And while I appreciate your efforts in posting a topless picture of yourself, I feel it incumbent on me to point out that holding items in front of your naked breasts more or less cancels out the effectiveness of the shot. Dumb cunt.

  21. gigi

    It’s Pebbles! Perfect, Chris can be BAMBAM.

  22. Austin (Danger) Powers

    Since when is a Photo like this “topless” – its not even rated PG!!!?
    You have to show at least one full nipple, and preferably 2 complete boobs for the picture to be categorized as topless.
    I thought _this_ was the site of yours with high standards.

  23. Bonky

    I’m surprised the illuminati whack jobs arent here tearing apart the “symbols” in that photo.

  24. NOI


  25. sheldon

    I’de hit that.

  26. Peewee

    I can’t even beat off to this photo….such a cock teaser.

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