1. Pete

    Remember when Demi left him for that young guy? Yah…about that.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Is she pregnant? When is this guy going to fuckin’ learn that the chin is hereditary?

  3. Yippie kiyay, I fucked her!

  4. Not another Rumur. Kill it with fire!

  5. That my exact expression when I have to be around pregnant women.

  6. Ah…nothing like a 50 year span inbetween kids.

  7. wow, they actually managed to capture the moment she told him she was pregnant

  8. cc

    Oh for fuck’s sake…does she REALLY want to look like every lesbian I went to college with?

  9. anonymous

    She must have told him how many more Die Hard sequels he is going to have to make to afford that kid.

  10. “From now on, Is it okay if I call you ‘daddy’?”

  11. crb

    Grumpy old man getting grumpier.

    Soon, he will transmorph into a rage-beaver and none of those pretty trees will be left standing.

  12. Stop making ugly children!!!

  13. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    That bump you can see, that’s just the TIP of it’s chin.

  14. He should buy her some new jeans.

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