1. siber mundae

    started on monday, i just got back from fapping to jenette mccurdy pics, what’d i miss?

  2. Fuck 72 virgins, i’ll take these three whores

  3. Arlmlo Schlongfooster

    Moving up the draft board

  4. Katherine Webb is hot as fuck.

  5. That’s a delicious 3 meat sandwich.

  6. It’s nice to see Katherine doesn’t mind posting a photo in which she’s the third hottest girl.

  7. Would. Would. Would.



  8. I can’t get anywhere with these tiny Instagram pics. It’s fucking 2014. Ever heard of 1920 x 1200 resolution? Dammit Instagram!!!!

  9. What the Kardashians think they look like.

  10. George P. Burdell

    Hold it just a little bit longer.

  11. You know that guilty feeling you get when it’s only noon on Friday and you’re well into the bottle? Me neither.

    • Rasputin's Evil Twin

      Are you saying you didn’t start the morning with Wheaties and vodka? We usually do. This morning we finished, and realized we ran out of Wheaties two days ago.

  12. Going to have to rub one out for these three when I get home.

  13. jack handy

    Why does the dove get to be the symbol of peace? Why not the pillow? It’s got more feathers, and it doesn’t have that dangerous beak.

  14. anonym

    rule #1. Don’t be in a picture where the other 2 chicks are hotter than you.

  15. cc

    Planet earth…what my spring break and this photo have in common.

  16. Which one is Katherine Webb? HAH, just kidding…I don’t even care.

  17. WouldBangAll

    The one on the left is the real talent

  18. crb

    Marry, Fuck, Kill?

  19. tlmck

    The fame whore trifecta.

  20. Pikacu

    These three would suck your… credit card dry, faster than anything.

  21. Persephone

    And when they start singing they lured sailors to their death…

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