1. Not to be nosy but uhmmm Drake… Not good nursing a semi while on TV… Not for this show anyway..

  2. *ring ring* Hi. This is Jon Hamm’s penis. Um, just because Mad Men have me “under wraps” doesn’t mean you can steal my penis thunder. I was free ballin’ when you were in diapers. I’m watching you. *click*

  3. Drake, a potato is lunch, not suit stuffing.

  4. BettyBoop

    I didn’t know John Hamm was on this show.

  5. No wonder Amanda Bynes wants him to murder her vagina.

  6. “I’m gonna MURDER Amanda Bynes’ vagina! Just like she aked me…And then I’m going to FINISH the job!”

  7. At least we know why he is wearing the back support.

  8. I’m getting the feeling most people can’t distinguish size from penis imprints, so they side with big dick jokes. Which, really, I’m ok with.

  9. Is he the one that fucked Amanda Bynes’ brains out? Motherfucker, that was my job!

  10. Jenn

    Aren’t people going to be disappointed if he’s a shower, not a grower?

  11. al davis

    Mandrake root

  12. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Just remember he’s subject to SHRINKAGE. Just ask George.

  13. I assumed it was the Canadian Jewish rapper Drake who is supposed to murder Crazy Girl’s vagina…but looking at this guy’s package, maybe she meant either. I would go for the rapper, personally. With a wrapper of course.

  14. Roseanne Barr

    That reminds me,….. Pick up sausages on my way home tonight.

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