1. jep

    She might want to look at the sign on the elevator instead of looking at the cameras.

  2. She may want to consider taking the stairs instead… ya know, so that she can actually HAVE an ass worth looking at.

  3. JimBB

    Celebrity Illiteracy is no laughing matter, people. Do you have any idea how many lives are lost every year in L.A. just from “Bridge Out” signs alone?

  4. Signs are for people who can read. And for people who can’t not read.

  5. It seems fake blondes are as stupid as natural ones

  6. Vlad

    Yeah, I like, pushed the button 30 times and the elevator still hasn’t come. Hang on, I’ll push the button again to be sure.

  7. someone working there put that there JUST for her

  8. “Yes, I saw the sign, but I’m not smoking.”

  9. s45qu4tch

    She doesn’t need to know how to read.

    All she heeds to do is look pretty.

  10. I believe she’s unzipping for a quick piss.

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