1. doo

    another proud graduate of the William Shatner school of Acting.

  2. yoo

    he did what in her batch?

  3. “I. Want. His. Face. OFF!”

  4. scotta

    Moments before serving up the most satisfying shocker. Of. All. Time.

  5. “I could eat a peach for hours”

  6. AnnaD.

    The worst disguise ever. That guy’s definitely an alien.

  7. “The power of ACTING!!!”

  8. THANK YOU, Photoboy. Thank you VERY MUCH INDEED. All the hours I have spent lurking on this website have been rewarded.

  9. Too many syllables, its a career killer. Just ask Englebert Humperdinck. Or Boutros Boutros Ghali. Or Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

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