1. Little Tongue

    One question: is that finger wet?

  2. hibby

    “May I remove the royal earwax, sir?”

    “Yes. Jolly good, Perkins. Isn’t tomorrow prostate day?”

  3. Fresco

    The one on his left is oblivious. The two in the back are in on it. Whatever ‘it’ is.

  4. tom

    Those idiots should get a job.

  5. “Oh, I see your problem… you had this thing set to ‘Evil’”.

  6. Visible Ink

    Is that… hair gel?

  7. Parker

    He’s so well connected he even has the Prince’s ear.

  8. “No one will confuse you with your father as long as the Royal Ear Holder is in the entourage…”

  9. He touches the ear, and the face begins to open up. Inside is a tiny green man who uses the controls in the head to operate the body.

    “Rosenberg. Aw, damn! The Arquillians are not gonna like this. This guy was one of the royal family.”

  10. If that guy is humming “Stuck in the Middle With You”, William is about to have a day to remember.

  11. Toe Jam


  12. Vlad

    Royal Street Magic…a coin will soon be produced from the Prince’s ear

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