1. Thanks, Obama…

  2. Pretty much exactly what I imagine it’s like on the glee set everyday. “Whats on the agenda for today?”
    “Gay romping for everyone!”

    • dontkillthemessenger

      I never watch Glee, but I imagine this is the plot of every episode. Then a bitch with a long nose walks in.

  3. “Glee”, indeed.

  4. Swearin

    FOX must be trying to boost the ratings again.

  5. That’s NOT my idea of Glee.

  6. Colin

    Are there shots from later points in this porn where their clothes are off?

  7. JimBB

    Great, now I’m getting flashbacks of that time I was raped by a young Ron Howard. Thanks, Photoboy!

  8. Inner Retard

    - Told you not to stand so close behind me!
    - Told you not to stop suddenly before me!
    - So… we’re gay.
    - Yep.

  9. Who? And who?

  10. Chord Overstreet? Sounds like the name of someone who would date Ireland Baldwin or climbed out of Sarah Palin’s vagina.

  11. jerry

    Umm… you guys do know that’s how AIDS is spread…

  12. Are the Baha Men making another video?

  13. Not seen, Ryan Murphy between them.

  14. malaka

    and there off!!
    they’re coming down the home stretch and macauley culkin wins the 44th annual gay piggy back ride derby!!

  15. j/k

    Ambiguously Gay Duo’s secret identities revealed.

  16. Cliff

    That’s still on?

  17. “Take that, Tom Cruise. You’re not Tom?! Oh well.”

  18. Christ. The whole male cast of that show probably ejaculates glitter.

  19. Time travel movie pitch: Grown up Opie Taylor has a go at young Barney Fife.

  20. Or maybe it is Richie Cunningham and Potsie.

  21. Jaime

    “Is it in yet?”

    “I don’t know”

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