1. “Why yes, my white she-devil, we CAN go get some chicken…”

  2. “Can you believe the paparazzi these days, Cuba?”

  3. Lando and Ally Sheedy hit the town.

  4. McFeely’s head is going to explode when he sees the tie.

  5. Hope she’s not another racist.

  6. EricLr

    You have to admire someone with the guts to try to pull off a velvet jacket.

  7. Mystery Girl? Is the mystery why she’s with him?

  8. “No, I don’t have baby wipes in my purse…why?”

  9. “WHERE DA WHITE WOM — oh.”

  10. El Jefe

    He just never learns, does he?

  11. boohoo

    At least she’s a pretty white woman. The white woman the black guys around here go for are all 200+ pounds with bleached blond hair with roots showing and they still look pregnant a year after giving birth

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