1. Cock Dr

    They’re not big but they do appear to be fully alert & aware.

  2. Snooki's Taint

    It’s a little nippy out in Hollywood today

  3. ThisWIllHurt

    Nice try, but Transformers 3 still sucked.

  4. Buffalo Chips

    This is how Rosie signals to me. One nipple visible enter from front; two, from back. I love it when she feels dirty.

  5. Jason Statham has to transport those nipples to his bedroom right now.

  6. Codot

    You say your name is Rosie, but your Braille name tag says your name is “A A”.

  7. Is she trying to wink at me?

  8. Those must be diamond tipped nipples because she’s wearing a bra and they’re still poking through.

  9. Don’t get too close to the glass; you may etch it!

  10. Well, it is January

  11. Rosie Huntington-Nippley

  12. tlmck

    Cool trick turning the headlights on before you even start the car.

  13. I usually hate it when people drive with their brights on, but this is ok.

  14. “I noticed that someone stole the knobs off of my car stereo, so I brought a couple with me…”

  15. SLiver

    Translation: pay no attention to the vaguely retarded-looking face, nipples, Nipples, NIPPLES.

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