1. Ronaldo

    Holy Toledo!!

  2. alex

    Is that attractive?

  3. Cock Dr

    I like how the flabby backfat oozes between the suit straps. It’s as if the PhotoShopper abruptly ran out of time/energy after hours of polishing that huge fake ass.

  4. My mind is telling me “Fake and meant for black athletes” but my penis is yelling “Geronimo!!!”

  5. I sure hope this can be attributed to clothing and weird angles because that looks crazy

  6. Elephant-ass-isis?

  7. Gin&Tonic

    Remember when she was really hot? Yeah, me neither. Always was a butterface and now she’s like the poor man’s coco whose whole career was based around being the poor mans anna nicole smith.

  8. Fuck yes. I’ll take two of those. I know she’s into black dudes.

  9. dennis

    I guarantee you that if you slipped your credit card between those fake ass cheeks someone would be buying gas with a clone of your card within a few days in a city you probably never been.

  10. anonym

    nice fake ass.

    like you can’t even tell.

  11. Photoshop needs an “Inoculate” filter.

  12. skunk


  13. I don’t understand.

  14. I would plow that all the way to monkey town.

    (I have no idea what that means, but thats would I would do.)

  15. Coco’s doppelgänger.

  16. I first thought this was Britney with a photoshopped ass.

  17. That is a very nice ass. I would enjoy spending time alone with it. Or that Karissa person. I’m sure she’s nice too.

  18. With the amount of obvious photoshopping in that picture, I’m left wondering if they shopped her ass bigger, or smaller?

  19. Yeah, I usually don’t snark…and I’d bang just about anything…but that just doesn’t do it for me.

  20. wow

    Is she related to Coco Austin? Not that they both are whores, but…
    Wait! Yes. They both are whores! Is there any whores sorority?

  21. Aunt Cracker

    Having had a big ass since puberty and having been lovingly called “buffalo butt” instead of my real name since middle school, it’s great to hear anything even remotely positive about a woman with a big ass. “Free at last. Free at last!”

  22. tlmck

    Christina Aguilera is off her diet again.

  23. This comment contains no content. There is no room for commentary because of all that ASS.

  24. She had butt implants, so that’s not real. Here’s the obvious before and after:

  25. I just don’t get the fixation with these repulsive bloated fat asses. Oh wait, it’s because I’m not black.

  26. Jenn

    So butt implants. That’s like sitting on gel seats you’re carrying around in your ass. No.

  27. T T

    Absolutely fucking nauseating. I don’t want to believe that black men are one step away from the ape, but they aren’t helping their case being so attracted to dat baboon azz.

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