1. Whats that he’s carrying? His douchnozzle?

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Stealing your spouse’s workout clothes is the number one cause of divorce in California.

  3. Wow, with that snorting tube he can put Tony Montana to shame…

  4. Pewpsock

    Ah, I understand why he and Katy are no longer together now.

  5. It really is hammer time. Me first.

  6. Cock Dr

    Kudos to Ms Perry for signing her divorce papers garnished with a smiley face.
    Looking at this photo I think that’s very much justified.

  7. is he off to occupy somewhere?

  8. Yoga master Vishnu-Douchebag-Shazam.

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Fruit Roll-Up Man. ‘He can take a lickin’. For fuck’s sake Marvel.

  10. Smiling Back

    Honey, I’m hobo!

  11. Before and After

    You’ll see, I might look like crap now but in 3 short months I’m going to look like Zac Blooming Efron.

  12. That’s the MOST fucked up super hero I have ever seen.

  13. No, no, no, Russell—that’s not what guys mean when they say it’s cool when the carpet matches the drapes.

  14. Bonky

    Only in Los Angeles. If you walked down the street, looking like that, anywhere else in America you would get your ass beat.

  15. So…it turns out Katy Perry was suppressing his douchebaggery all along? Have we even seen the peak yet?

  16. DiddyK

    If I had just lost access to them tig ol bitties… and turned down 22 mil out of some sense of trying to keep things amicable.. in the hope I might get some ex-sex… and access to the tig bitties again.. I’d probably walk around hammer pants, carrying my roll away bed, wearing one of Katy’s scarves too.

  17. Johnnyseattle

    Russel Brand was forced to don a superhero costume to gain the strength required to return Katy Perry’s maxi-pad.

  18. CK

    The Gay Flash.

  19. cc

    I just looked at the California Penal Code just now. I was pleased to discover there’s actually an obscure subclause that makes it legal to beat the snot out of someone that looks this douchey.

  20. Snack pack

    Russel’s got a little Captain in him. That and shitty taste in yoga mats.

  21. Bugger All

    At least he shaved his chest, so he has that going.

  22. He's a cross dresser

    Wearing women’s clothes in public is fine, just don’t show us your panties.

  23. Adam

    So that’s why he turned down half of Katy’s money!
    She let him have all of the purple!

  24. cutthecrap

    off to party with Lindsay and snort some blow

  25. Plainly, Russ and a sense of style have never occupied the same planet, let alone room.

  26. Terry

    It’s Hammer time!

  27. chris breezy boxing academy

    the gayest ninja in all the land

  28. Chuchu

    Oh. How ironic.

  29. Tuppy

    It’s a Nerd! It’s a Gay! It’s SuperDouche!

  30. coffee

    what, Will Smith wasn’t available for Hancock 2?

  31. Horrified

    I’m meeting up with Madonna for a quick yoga and trip back to the 80s…

  32. squishy

    Holy Shazam Batman!

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