1. cp3

    Wow. That’s about $11 in singles right therrr

  2. tattooette

    Why in the hell would you tattoo your forehead? Most of these tattoos and their total composition on her body scream trashy and she doesn’t need a pole to do that.

  3. SSHGuru

    Throwing used condoms would be more appropriate.

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Soylent green backwash

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Is the “T” in T’s Gentlemen’s Club short for Tranny, Throw Up, or Time to kill yourself because you’re at a strip joint looking at this at 3 in the morning?

  6. Never thought I’d see the day customers paying for one of them to get off the stage…

  7. Something’s wrong when the hottest thing in a strip bar is the portrait on the wall.

  8. Own it

    Thats one bad bitch…. do your thing!!

  9. Drew

    Her tattoo’s might look a bit better if they weren’t all flash stencils.

  10. And when that outfit goes out of style, you can just toss the whole thing in a Salvation Army bin.

  11. Johnny P!

    Girlfriend: “Why did that photographer’s assistant throw a bunch of fake money on the stage right before the picture was taken?”
    Boyfriend: “Hah! You chicks! Only YOU’D notice something like that at a peeler bar!”

  12. Pewpsock

    “Hon, do you think I could look that trampy some day too???”

  13. Pewpsock

    “Yes, I tramp stamped my forehead!!!”

  14. your mom

    Wasn’t her reasoning for throwing Jesse James under the bus financial security? For her daughter? You would assume that would include getting off the fucking pole.

  15. Do_Freebird

    How many women have the utter class to tattoo what looks like her intestines onto her stomach.

  16. I don’t care what anyone says. This girl is freakin’ HOT. If you’ve seen her during interviews, she carries herself well and very demurely and is quite intelligent. She’s smokin’

  17. it had to be said

    I paid for a lap dance and got a tour of a third-tier art museum to boot!

  18. Jesus Hernandez

    White people are awesome?

  19. Mike701

    This photo is staged. You can tell because the only time customers make it rain for her, it’s spit.

  20. Juaquin ingles

    I especially like the tattoo of the feces-filled colon.

  21. I could have sex and read the comics at the same time.

  22. Bonky

    Yes girls, you too can be part of the exciting world of ‘pole dancing’ ! Just ask pole tattooed dancing superstar Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee about how you too can earn as much as $15 per dance.

    If you are looking to be your own boss, instead of working in an office for $15 an hour, this might be the career move you can really be depressed about ! Call the number on the bathroom stall for more info. Don’t delay, whore yourself out today !

  23. Mike701

    Even the pole feels awkward.

  24. lawn

    Her career is coming along nicely.

  25. From the poster in the background, she’s actually the prime attraction this week. And if you zoom in, you learn that we can look forward to seeing Bree Olson on this stage.

  26. PermanentMarker

    looks like my daughter’s barbie doll after the kids took a sharpie to it

  27. pretty vacant

    i really like that tattoo of the busted up trash can in the alley with the dead cat on the cans lid.
    i want one just like it.

  28. CK

    Tramp stamp on the lower back, tramp stamp on the forehead. with a bitch like this, does it really matter what end you’re banging? And could you even TELL?

  29. Does she give customers money back instead of customers giving her money? For the eyeball scarring caused by looking at this ugly shit..

  30. Schweddy Schnatch

    I wonder if she has a tattoo of a clam on her twat, with the heading “Joe’s Crab Shack” on it. You know, to provide for her daughter.

  31. MILF

    Thanks to her big mouth, we all know that what’s inside is even uglier. Nazi cunt.

  32. The tattoo on her forehead is her price, right?

  33. The Brown Streak

    In a deal with the devil, she is tattooed with 113 souls who escaped hell. Once that soul is captured and returned, the tattoo will disappear…… she sucks at this bounty hunter thing.

  34. steve chavez

    i have seen worse to me she is a bad bitch id hit it but i like men too

  35. welldoneson

    so all she needs is $2000 more and those tats are paid for

  36. She looks like a collection of Mexican pickup truck window decals come to life.

  37. Looks like Buddy Christ is trying to burn himself off of her leg. Maybe he wants to win the Bud Light Ultimate Fan Experience?

  38. Conrad

    5 bucks if you fall.

  39. bigalkie

    And the crowd ( of two ) goes WILD!!!!!!

  40. God is Black

    That is just wrong period. Note the $1 bills are all on the ground, no mutherfuker has the courage to put it in her pussy! Note the couple reading the stripper in the background!

  41. mando

    She dances to pay her tattoo bills.

  42. Whyask

    No snark, just reality: Man, what a fucking mess that chick is.

  43. tlmck

    Her new stage name is Hep C.

  44. onos

    id still hit that… with a truck

  45. aristotrash

    Yep, definitely all $1 bills.

  46. Jimmy

    She needs to go back to the amish, oops amish dislike wo’s..
    Well so do we! More so ugly ass ones!
    Get a real life or better yet move far away to the jungle!

  47. oohlilit

    Lindsay Lohan is finally being serious about exploring other career options

  48. Eddy

    The girl is really hot but passed my tattoo count limit a long time ago. A tattoo on her forehead…why? simply why?

  49. Anon

    Surprised nobody has pointed out Lindsay Lohan about to give that dude a handjob in the background.

  50. dinosaurland

    The cool thing is that when she spins around that pole, she’s going to look like a Spirograph drawing!

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