1. I guess they herd it together.

  2. Seriously, their entire existing is one staged photo op after another.


  3. Where's Dildo

    That empowered brown m&m must be furious right now. “Get me Gloria Allred!”

  4. dark matter

    1800 MOOOOOOOOOO how may I help you?

  5. Did a moment of lucidity hit them and force them to call the CDC?

  6. Baby bump and dumptruck rump.

  7. cuddles

    Mmmmmm, pregnant back fat. I can hear the pig queals now.

  8. How now, brown cows.

  9. Cock Dr

    The K klan wouldn’t dream about exploiting a pregnancy for publicity & material gains. That would be so wrong!

  10. Is there a Hugh Jazz in here? I’m looking for a Hugh Jazz!

  11. anonymous

    And…Khloe is still the larger of the two.

  12. I’m sure getting knocked up helps her in her divorce with Kris.


  13. “Hello, thank you for calling Dial-a-Gunt, what is your gunt emergency”


  14. Not pictured: the hairball Chewie just spit out

  15. cc

    ‘Hey Khloe, check out it out. my gut almost matches my ass!’
    “Hi Kim, ya, it sure does, thank for calling, mwah1′

  16. CK

    Ducklips on a Wookie. Now I HAVE seen it all…

  17. a

    for gods sake, enough already.

  18. “Khloe, quit fucking around. I’m calling you long distance.”

  19. Tinka

    My first reaction to this pic was just “What?” Now, all I can think about is MOOOOOOOOOOO.

    Thank you, guys.

  20. anonym

    Each is ugly in her own way

  21. I thought she was facing one of those fun-house mirrors!?

  22. Fishballs

    I hope this entire family dies in a plane crash.

  23. How the hell did Khloe get away from Christopher Lambert so fast?

  24. khloe is looking good. Kim is gonna blow up Jessica Simpson style she prob is like 4 months.

  25. Throb the Wonder Mule

    I’m an infertile goony goo goo and my sister who has had more black in her than pavement is pregnant by a RICH one.
    Damm, I hate my life…..

  26. Holy shit….EVERY SINGLE comment on this pic had me dying! LOL!!!!

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