1. Photographed in her natural habitat, I see.

  2. Oh…I saw mommy blowing gay Santa Claus…”

  3. Too bad she cheats on her husband with ghetto trash.

  4. Dirty Travolta

    I would love to wipe her butt .

  5. toowongfoo

    The transition Jared Leto has undertaken over the last few weeks is amazing. However, he needs to soften that jaw somehow.

  6. Dang ol’ carpool lane, y’all!

  7. Dick Sniffer

    She has truly mastered the art of skank camouflage. Were it not for the bottle blonde hair. she’d be all but invisible… Haha, I said But when I meant Butt!

  8. zomgbie

    u can tell ice t is not there because shes not turned around and bent over to show the pap her trunk room.

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