1. Well, it looks like the terrorists have finally won the war on Christmas.

  2. Katy needs to wax that ‘stache

  3. [img][/img]

  4. Oh…I saw mommy blowing gay Santa Claus…”

  5. EricLR

    Douchy Claus is coming to town…

  6. I’m not always this f@ggy, but when I am, I prefer it from behind.

  7. I wouldn’t trust a Santa with that look on his face.

  8. Moz

    Not even Billy Bob was THAT BAD of a Santa!

  9. Whyask

    Herpes again? Fuck.

  10. Who the fuck is that?

  11. He’d be cute if he wasn’t such a huge vagina.

  12. tlmck

    I believe we can see just the very top of Katy’s cap at the bottom of the picture. All those preacher’s daughters are freaks.

  13. betty

    greasy claws.

  14. betty

    this stupid girl tries so hard.

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