1. Anyone believe he knows where he is?

  2. I guess we know which one he’ll be in “The Odd Couple.”

  3. The Janitor

    “I used to have a face like a baby’s butt…..Now I just smell like one…”

  4. he never left the 1990s

  5. Keanu-Perry Syndrome, where partially bearded up has-beens mope around town staring aimlessly into the distance.

  6. JimBB

    So…back on the Vicodin, huh?

  7. cc

    ‘,,,for a movie role.’ ahahahahahahahaha

  8. malaka`

    hey, its that guy who plays master shake, right?
    well, he sure is .a snappy dresser.

  9. We have to go back, Kate! We have to go back!

  10. rican

    “YO, where the pills at?!?!?!”

  11. PASSERBY: Hey it’s Eric Clapton! What up Clapton! I love your stuff!

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