1. jorge

    james scarfer

  2. Joe Blow

    Elton John: The Gay Years

  3. it had to be said

    What a complete fucking douche.

  4. DeucePickle

    Look who’s pregnant

  5. shonzie

    Who leaves the house and decides, after looking at the couch, that wearing the throw blanket out in public would be a good idea?

  6. Phoenix

    Still Standing.

  7. joe

    Scarves, lies, and DVDs. We all get old.

  8. Cock Dr

    Ahhh he used to be so hot.
    Now he’s just an aging puffy metrosexual.

  9. zomgbie

    the trumane capote look is trying to make a hipster comeback.

  10. Doctor Whogivesafuck

  11. Hipster specs–check.
    Ugly fedora–check.
    Non matching attire–check.
    Blanket scarf–check.

    Your move, Johnny Depp.

  12. Visible Ink

    The new douchebag uniforms are in for this season. Note the wider scarf to better signal you are an intellectual and a raging egomaniac.

  13. Grace

    I like him.
    *Hiding under my desk*
    *Waiting for James Spader to join me there*

  14. Somewhere, a young Mexican boy is plotting his revenge.

  15. RHawk

    Carmen Sandiego has been found.

  16. K-Tron

    It’s like if Sir Ian McKellan played the fourth Doctor. Actually, I would pay to watch that. This is worse.

  17. EricLr

    His wife is following behind him, whispering “He thinks he’s Dr. Who, just humor him until he takes his meds.”

  18. journalschism

    Inspector Tragic

  19. Timothy

    He survived that awning collapse pretty well.

  20. real

    This used to be a hot piece of ass. Damn shame he let himself slide like this.

  21. Vladmir

    Your move, Jeremy Irons…

  22. Urvag

    He was so much cooler when he got dissed by Blaine (yup I just aged myself)

  23. Knock that shit off, Steff. Your waspy douche look went out in ’84.

  24. Mike Hockhurtz

    Michael Caine looks pretty good in this picture.

  25. Dish

    Yikes! Diane Keaton has really let herself go

  26. “Hey, Spader. Asshole. This is just a quickie photo-op. You’re not posing for a postage stamp.”
    (Arrogant fucking dick head!)

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