1. This is why I keep my wallet in my side pocket.

    C’mon, gimme a thumbs-down… you know you want to.

  2. cc

    He should really have done that to Sophie Turner instead. Fool.

  3. A third baseman on his way to third base.

  4. Joe

    Looks like he may actually hit something tonite.

  5. toopier

    Not Pictured: Anyone in the starting line up for the New York Yankees

  6. Say what you want about the man, but at least he only strikes out on the field, the place he’s paid $27 million a year not to strike out. What was the point of this story again? Oh, right, A-Rod’s earlobes are saggier than Kathy Bates’s breasts in About Schmidt.

  7. Swearin

    He’s checking to make sure she’s doing kegels as they walk

  8. I can’t blame him. I’d be doin’ the same thing! Unless I could talk her into walking backwards…

  9. Can’t blame him.

  10. and my other hand goes round here…

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