1. Wow, that is some unfortunate lighting.

  2. I want the name and address of the monster who did this to Kelly. He/She will pay dearly…

  3. cc

    I am calling someone at The Hague immediately.

  4. Forever Crazy? Too bad it wasn’t Forever Beautiful.

  5. When she asked “how do these lip stickers look”, at least ONE person should have had the nerve to say “like open sores”

  6. Cock Dr

    This is not her best look.

  7. Makes a lovely drag queen.

  8. Contusion

    I knew Debby Harry had been making the rounds again lately, but never seen her pole dancing before.

  9. dude

    crap…looks like Anjelica Houston.
    Which is the worst thing one can say about a woman.

  10. Memo to Kelly Brook: Do not wear clothes like this in public ever again during those four days that you mark with a red dot in your datebook each month.

  11. kimmykimkim

    Why did they put so much unnecessary shit on her? This is just wrong.

  12. mr. fuck you

    the ann jillian drag show was less than successful

  13. phooey

    Suzanne Somers it was, in the thumbnail

  14. SRT

    Lday Gaga…is that you????

  15. How could they take a naturally beautiful woman and make her look like shit like this? Unforgivable.

  16. SHASHA

    wow just cuz you’re in the midlife crisis range doesn’t mean this needs to happen. seriously the outfit looks tailored for fupa specifc women and the fact that this get up is corny by itself doesnt help….keep trying too….see where it gets ya

  17. Donk

    I think I finally get what Travolta sees in him.

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