1. B&WMinstrel

    I see three Saturdays and two weak ends

  2. Horny devils!


  3. DeucePickle

    Who the fuck are the Saturdays ?

  4. Jade

    Its cute how they all dressed up as Courtney Stodden for halloween.

  5. cc

    And not a single upskirt. Happy Hallowe’en my ass.

  6. Brit

    There’s a couple of Monday mornings in this photo too.

  7. #4 looks like she only missed out on being the next Katy Perry by just a couple of cup sizes.

  8. hacksaw

    Now this is a group i can get behind.

  9. All those devils went as whores for Halloween.

  10. I’m sure my ex didn’t know this was what was in store for me when she told me to Go to Hell.

  11. you can’t catch herpes through a computer screen, right? *backing away slowly*

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