1. “I know it’s no John Hamm but it’s nice right?”

  2. “So then I said ‘Victoria, you wanted tea? Here’s the bag!’”

  3. “…yeah, I’m tellin ya mate, don’t never let herbalife get on yer nutsak”

  4. Brit

    David Beckham has joined forces with Steve Colbert and is getting ready to make a charitable donation should Donald Trump take him up on his generous offer.

  5. arnieblackblack


  6. Swearin

    He’s got a little Captain in him

  7. John Hamm wouldn’t have to get that low to complete the tri-pod stand. But then again that move is called a Hamm stand so maybe it’s not fair.

  8. “Thank you, no, I don’t require a cab. I’m sure someone will be along presently.”

  9. kimmykimkim

    This is weird. I’ve never seen his hands so far away from his dick.

  10. “can you see it?”

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