1. That’s a genuine 45 RPM spinner.

  2. Johnny Cochran's Tumor

    Give her some mutton chops and a hat, and I’d swear it was Quint on The Orca.

  3. Is she going to bare her sad little titties all through this show too?

  4. Does Victoria Beckham ever smile?

  5. “I’m not sure if you’ve all noticed, but since I’m so popular, my shit no longer stinks. It’s a fact…”

    • Richard McBeef

      it takes a second longer, but tinyurl is everyone’s friend.

    • and does the google search really require PHOTO William Forsythe? I think William Forsythe pretty much gets you there you know

    • TomFrank

      Yeah, we don’t need to see the whole damn search result or a five-line URL that contains all this unnecessary crap. In the future, please pick one representative photo and post that image’s URL.

  6. AnnaDraconida

    Butter. Face.

  7. The Brown Streak

    Alas! I will get you Moby Dick!

  8. Jesus H. Christ, does she look like him or not???????????

  9. cc

    No one is going to Nathalie Wood me, mothafuckas!

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