1. it had to be said

    Him: I’m so happy to be here!

    Her: Oh God. He’s so happy to be here.

  2. She looks so smug now that she has her LoveBot3000 all programmed up just right.

  3. What he’s feeling is the gravitational pull of a planet on some asteroids. The asteroids are his sperm, and the planet is her cooch.

  4. Jack London's sober moment

    I bet he doesn’t even get to see her naked. She just sends him 30 second trailers that promise nudity and sex.

    • ferfr

      she’s posing like that to stretch out her neck so you can’t see how saggy and wrinkly it is. that’s the thing about women. you can always tell their age by their necks, hands and knees. the saggiest parts of the body. she ain’t fooling a soul.

  5. I’d still rail her. WTF was Brad Pitt thinking?

  6. 1NDUN

    ‘sup yo

  7. Him: “I’m fucking Jennifer Aniston!”
    Her: “How long do I have to put up with this asshole? Why did I settle for this guy?”

  8. SexJihaad

    She looks like she’s trying to fart discreetly

  9. stevebrt

    he looks like Jude Law’s character Gigolo Joe from Ai

  10. Mama Pinkus

    that guy looks very gay

  11. angerinside

    Jen whispering angrily: “Get your fucking finger out of my asshole”.

    Justin through clenched teeth: ” I can’t, it’s frozen”.

  12. Cock Dr

    Best of luck to ya Jen.

  13. You’d think after 25 times they’d decide Ben Stiller had enough of these awards.

  14. oisjafsdk

    Does she not have a gaydar?

  15. He’s like a gay, sweaty, plastic Cary Grant with fake eyebrows.

  16. Happy_Evil_Dude

    They’re both thinking they hit the jackpot, except they both mean a different thing.

  17. The collective "meh"

    “Why am I here? I could be making a shitty Romantic Comedy right now!”

  18. Tron

    I hate to be crude, but both of those looks say “Yes. She sucks my dick”. Good for him.

  19. Bonky

    This is the photo that 75 year old Hollywood couples take together.

  20. InkyBlack

    Jeniffer turns up the speed on Justin’s remote controlled Scorpion Stinger.

  21. Moo Cow Hunter

    No one knew Aniston was a ventriloquist until she showed up with her favorite dummy Justin and he recited all the reasons she’s better than Angelina Jolie while she drank a glass of water.

  22. ruby

    I want to know how she gets her eyes so white. No redness at all what’s her secret…..

  23. Excuse me, Ms. Aniston, you can’t take a melting wax sculpture of Daniel Day-Lewis onto the red carpet.

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