1. it had to be said

    Oh my. Put my left foot in *and* shake it all about? Oh my.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Now Peter Piper picked peppers but Run rocked rhymes
    Humpty Dumpty fell down that’s his hard time
    Jack B. Nimble what nimble and he was quick
    But Jam Master cut faster Jack’s on Jay’s dick
    Now Little Bo Peep cold lost her sheep
    And Rip van Winkle fell the hell asleep
    And Alice chilling somewhere in Wonderland
    Jack’s serving Jill a bucket in his hand
    And Jam Master Jay’s making out our sound
    The turntables might wobble but they don’t fall down

  3. Meatus

    Worst Gangnam Style ever.

  4. “Quick! Somebody spin me! I’m such a beautiful ballerina!”

  5. ThisWillHurt

    “Indeed, I feel pretty. Oh so very pretty.”

  6. Dr. Cocksider

    The Royal Ronald McDonald.

  7. Johnny P!

    “Well, mummy’s not looking like she’s ever dying, I’ll never be king, so may as well make an ass of myself with the colonists so I can leave at least something for William… Come on, Camilla! Join in! This is lovely fun!”

  8. That’s the happiest I’ve ever seen him. Got to keep that stiff upper lip at all times.

  9. Joe

    A couple of centuries ago, he’d have them all killed.

  10. tom

    Is that the guy that shagged Lady Di?

  11. Invisible bunny slopes.

  12. The Royal Penis

    Anyone still want to argue that inbreeding produces gene pools?

  13. Even a Prince should never go “Full Retard!”

  14. Brit

    Gangnam no style

  15. Oz Matters

    It must be strangely sad to have his job. He has all that access to wealth and power, and yet everyday he is on the road. Another day, another town, another fuckin barn dance.

  16. Bigalkie

    Prince Charles dances to the Benny Hill Theme Song.

  17. Carolyn

    Is this what his life has come to?

  18. Tron

    Op, op op op…Opa Gangnam Style!

  19. Tron

    Heeeeeyyyyy…sexy Duchess! *scream at butt*

  20. Bonky

    Is this what being “Prince Of England” has come to ? Have we ever seen this man do anything where he doesn’t look like a sideshow act at a carnival ?

  21. tlmck

    “I say. I think I just queefed.”

  22. InkyBlack

    Time was the royal family were liked and respected now they act like a bunch of fucking clowns. It all started going to shit after “The Grand Knockout Tournament”

  23. The collective "meh"

    His diapers full…

  24. The collective "meh"

    His diaper is full

  25. New Age Outlaw

    dirty diana wohoooooooooooo

  26. mbcl

    “Run Forrest Run !!”

  27. Stop! Hammertime!

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