1. Like a splash of cool water on the face after the last two picts.

  2. MegP


  3. joe

    I’ve got a gift bag for ya, honey.

  4. bonerjuice

    what the FUCK where is her sex tape, that thing was announced like 2 months ago.

  5. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Time stood still as her hand slowly reached forward, her unblinking eyes emotionlessly gazing at the horizon through her sunglasses.

    “This is it”, thought Pedro the Paparazzo, “She’s gonna give me the best handjob of my life!”

    Minka, however had something else in store for him, as her hand slowly wrapped itself around his long, thick, black, photographic lens and yanked his brand new Canon 5D Mark III out of his grip before smashing it on the floor.

    “You will NOT take pictures unless I am flawlessly coiffed”, she yelled in a burst of rare emotion, before sauntering off to bask in Chris Evans’ fame.

  6. Her chin is an innie and her nips are outties. Perfection.

  7. tlmck


  8. 1NDUN

    I like raisins.

  9. Thank yooooooouuuuu, Pokie Fairy. ‘Bout damned time.

  10. Bigalkie

    With those thick ankles.. She must lay down some great skull to keep Jeter on the line for three years.

  11. Finally she does something useful.

  12. neo

    My tongue is vibrating.

  13. RobN

    If Jeter had those ankles the Yankees would be in the Series right now.

  14. Sheelly

    I think I may switch teams. She’s smoking hot in those pics!

  15. Fred Ziffel

    I would violate her with great enthusiasm.
    She is the antidote tot he Sharon Stone picture

  16. BenDoverman

    I’d put it in her bootychin

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