1. YAAR

    “Yes God Damnit! Go ahead and hop on my face, I have no time to explain!”

  2. Squishing invisible dicks.

  3. I may not have a clue to who sh is, but I can appreciate a quailty kiester!

  4. cc

    If there was a little though bubble over his head it would say ‘Gee, I hope she falls twat first onto my face.’

  5. Matt Lauer

    I’ve done it in the position. Requires a really big wang to make it work right.

  6. Sheppy

    That’s all I need to see.

  7. Pine Table Fever

    Grande by name, Grande by nature.

  8. Animal

    She must’ve been wearing edible panties … and they’ve been eaten.

  9. moopy

    is that tom cruise?

  10. Bionic_Crouton

    “When you asked if I could pick your ass up this isn’t what I had in mind.”

  11. InkyBlack

    I love living in an age where advanced fabrics can give us things like yoga pants.

  12. Guy’s got the best view in the house. You just know the only thing going through his mind is putting both her legs on his shoulders and going to town on her.

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