1. Gay dude #1 is checking out gay dude #2′s meat.

  2. This is more in line with her field of expertise, as opposed to something like, say, medicine and epidemiology.

  3. USDA Prime McBeef

    2nd from the left – LMFAO

  4. All these guys have autism and she’s taking them home to cure them. With massage therapy. Of her vagina. With their penises.

  5. Hey, it’s 5 sperm burpers!

  6. Raoul

    “We aren’t all soooo excited to see you, Jenny!” said none of these guys. Ever.

  7. Look we’re all looking at #2 guys weird boner…at least the dude on the right is being discreet.

  8. Cock Dr


  9. bbiowa

    So if one of you gets the measles, then you’ll ALL get the measles! Or diphtheria. Or whooping cough. But it’s okay, at least you won’t be autistic.

  10. Mr. Poop

    that guy’s penis is a needle

  11. JC

    Second guy from left: Coneheads, The Porn Version.

  12. kimmykimkim

    That dude’s pointy boner just scratched my screen. What a dick.

  13. cc

    They’ve just been swimming, apparently.

  14. ThisWillHurt

    The guy on Jenny’s right gets the point.

  15. Jade

    Thank you, Jenny, for pointing out that all men are not created equally.

  16. Guess none of these guys are her biggest fans

  17. These are my friends, Potato, Pointy, Hamster and Blake.

  18. Is there really a market for “Make it look like I have no boner” underwear?

  19. B&WMinstrel

    Thought it was Carmen Miranda in one of her hats

  20. The Pope

    “Oh my god, Jeff! I didn’t think crazy was contagious!”

  21. Joe Blow

    Jenny: “My junk’s bigger than your junk.”

  22. Bionic_Crouton

    “Do I have to show my penis too?”

  23. Matt

    Looks like a bird beak. Alicia Silverstone can’t decide if she should blow it or throw up in it’s mouth.

  24. Allison Wunderlan

    Boys from Brazil side effects – Bermuda Triangle Buldge.

  25. A gaggle of meat munchers in their prime

  26. Joaquin ingles

    How much you wanna bet Pencil Dick has a tramp stamp?

  27. O pointy dick,
    O pointy pointy,
    Anoint my head,

  28. Josie

    never knew it was possible to have a pointy boner!!

  29. Last Man Standing

    I’d like to see the ass on each of them. They all look soooo fuckable!

  30. halfpintkilla

    in every photo there’s a guy on your right saying it all…all the push-ups in the world can’t help that buddy

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