1. The cleavage is still not enough to distract from the face.

    • Ruth

      I agree that her face is stunningly beautiful.

      • coyote

        She had a horrible accident and had to have Reconstruction surgery. It takes awhile for things to get relaxed and start to look normal. She is a trooper and YES she is starting to look HOT again. Three Cheers for Rose!

      • You don’t get out much.

      • Fletcher

        Yeahhhh… that car accident was 5 1/2 years ago ago and the only injury to her face was a cut under her eye (which didn’t even leave a scar). Her fish lips and over botoxed, puffy face has nothing to do with her “injuries”. Stop blaming that car accident for her botched face.

  2. Contusion

    She’s looking more and more like the old actress who is now in a local production of Arsenic and Old Lace.

  3. dudelookslikealady

    Joan Collins looks great for 79.

  4. Poor girl. That face. Imagine being able to say that getting into a relationship with Marilyn Manson isn’t the worst thing you’ve done to yourself.

  5. alex

    Oh dear lord, what happened to her? I had that magazine cover with her and Rosario looking HOT, this is just sad.

  6. She looks like the crazy bitch who buries people alive on Days of our Lives.

  7. cc

    I had an aunt that dressed like that. She died of Alzheimers about a decade ago.

  8. kimmykimkim


  9. damn, can’t some plastic surgeon fix that shit?

  10. Jade

    Rose’s plastic surgery turned her into an astonishingly good-looking 55 year old woman.

  11. ThisWillHurt

    Nice of Emma Stone to bring her mom to events.

  12. Oh my gosh! I FINALLY understand the ending to “The Crying Game!”

  13. Pine Table Fever

    Looking not unlike a blind person’s clay model version of Christina Ricci.

  14. BillEBuoy

    Between Rumor and Rose, the “Inspiration” Gala is not a rockin place. Anybody want my ticket? Cheap.

  15. Janet Jackson is starting to look realistically white…

  16. InkyBlack

    Christina Ricci’s mom is looking constipated today.

  17. That dress doesn’t show enough of her body to distract from the face.

  18. Mickey01232000

    Somebody please tell the aliens that we want the old Rose McGowan back.

  19. Skink

    I saw a picture of her after her accident and you could barely see anything. The reason she wrecked her face was vanity, that and she was evidently bargain basement shopping for a plastic surgeon. LOL!!!

  20. Vladmir

    She should do a LifeTime movie about Judy Garland.

  21. squishy

    Did she buy that Liza outfit off Ebay?!

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