1. Milk Studios…

    Tee hee.

  2. joe

    Looks like even she can’t stand listening to herself “sing.”

  3. Am I the only one that sees Emily Blunt here?

  4. Sing those milkers off!

  5. YAAR

    Upon further review…

    Yes, I would like to sleep with this woman.

  6. Contusion

    Looks like Jenny from Flippin’ Out.

  7. cc

    Shortly after the earphone fell out, she resorted to her default lyrics….lalalalalalala, fireworks, lalalalalalala, unh, aieaieaieaie.

  8. Happy_Evil_Dude

    “Gaaah that song is horrible” *Katy bends over* “Ah, yes that’s better”

  9. JK

    Lucky girl, who needs to pay for a mic stand when you bring your own.

  10. Blah…she’s like vanilla ice cream from Canada.

  11. welldoneson

    Little Richard, on behalf of Canada I gratefully accept ownership of Katy Perry. I already know of a great home for her.

  12. c'est bien

    gravity is like the most fickle bullshit in the world

  13. Displaying her only good asset, cause you know her “music” ain’t worth shit.

  14. Completely unaware that Neo and Trinity are laying siege to the building, Agent Perry tries to torture the codes to the Zion mainframe out of Morpheus with her singing.

  15. Josie

    she looks so much better w/ long black hair than instead of having blue, purple, etc hair

  16. Mickey01232000

    Katy Perry demonstrating the two things that keep her relevent.

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