1. Like a female, hobo, crackhead Beavis and Butt-head.

  2. Coming to a “Last Call” near you!

  3. Courtney Love and Courtney Hate.

  4. How the mighty have swollen.

  5. Her baby sure grew up fast. Looks like a chip off the ol’ block.

  6. Is that coke bloat? I’m not a doctor. I wouldn’t even play one for these two.

  7. Dildo Baggins

    Forever greasy

  8. inkydinkyd

    is it halloween already?

  9. anonymous

    Damn…Paz de la Whatever looks like a walking corpse.

  10. say what you will, but I like her. In a “she’s kind of famous, but you could probably still bang her” kind of way.

  11. Is the Chateau Marmont the Mecca for inebriated skanks?

  12. YIKES! *runs away*

  13. Paz drags her reluctant, malnourished soul to Chateau Marmont. It is said that her soul later abandoned her there, leaving only a greasy, swollen husk behind.

  14. On your first day of grade school, they should just show before and after pics of Paz. I guarantee you within’ 10 years the use of the illegal drug trade would be crippled.

  15. Bananarama has risen from the grave!

  16. Was the photo taken at the beginning or the end of the night out? Difficult to tell.

  17. vtmark

    Jack Spratt could eat no fat and his wife could eat no lean

  18. Bonky

    “For nights like these… there is Maximum Strength Midol”

  19. Jenn

    Her face is shinier than her dress. Wearing Crisco as foundation might not be a good idea.

  20. Holy shit, she Paz’d Sam Ronson.

  21. 132lbsnutsack

    No, stumbling into an automatic car wash does not mean you don’t have to bathe for another 6 weeks.

  22. crb

    The best greasy, wretched whores are the Hipster 18th-Century-French-Porn variety.

    So Inelegantly Wasted…

  23. martina

    nicely dressed homeless people

  24. Have to say though, she was great in Boardwalk Empire.

  25. “Why did that guy have to go off like that? I only asked him to front me another half-pound of cocaine.”

  26. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    She’s so blotto that she thinks she’s parading David Bowie around, making everyone envious of her.

  27. Husband: Sweetheart those two greasy women farted in our front yard !

    Wife: Get out the Febreze, they both smell like a mule.

  28. Anybody else’s gums get numb looking at this photo?

  29. I’d fuck this crazy batty chick in a heartbeat!!!.

  30. fap

    Family picture is missing Cinderella.

  31. alexxx

    Before & After Amy WInehouse costumes…a little tacky but I dig it.

  32. What the? it’s like Helena Bonham Carter and Courtney Love collided so hard they merged into one being before splitting apart again into two similar-yet-different entities.

  33. They do Halloween early at the Marmont.

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