1. The only complimentary thing I can say about this pathetic slag is that she makes Marie Osmond look almost human in comparison. Almost.

  2. Jack Ketch

    Sweet Christ, she can hardly move her face !! Gross.

  3. Who declared them celebrities? Please revoke their drive-on passes to planet Earth.

  4. Kissing their 15 minutes of fame goodbye.

  5. Bionic_Crouton

    So, when do they get bombarded with rotten fruit?

  6. Hm… I only find these two mildly objectionable today. Maybe it’s that we haven’t seen them in so long. Or the liquid codeine.

  7. Josh Sidekick

    Dear People of London,
    Remember that petition to get us to keep Piers Morgan? Yeah, well get the pull out couch ready, because these two belong to you now.

  8. Edie

    The labels are so that we can remember who they are.

  9. It looks like Heather Locklears kids just got back from the Blue Lagoon.

  10. Why is the fucktard, pussy, loser, son of a dentist that grew up in Malibu, wearing camo like he is some hick that grew up on a farm down South?

  11. It’s been a while since I watched “It’s Always Sunny,” but I don’t remember Fat Mac and Sweet Dee being this punchable.

  12. Falstaff

    They had to go to Britain to be celebrities?

  13. cc

    When you look into the abyss, it asks for a reality show.

  14. Why on earth does Spencer Pratt military clothes? A doomsday prepper or simply wannabe soldier …………..I would still do his plastic wife to see if her face is a capable of any kind of emotions.

  15. “I don’t so much cup them as I just sort of balance them on my hand. Like this.”

  16. Jesse

    I thought we all agreed — we don’t want to see these two idiots ever again.

  17. Heidi: “Spencer, remember when we were so famous that we didn’t need nametags?”
    Spencer: “No, I don’t, honey.”
    Heidi: “Neither do I, baby. Neither do I.”

  18. I don’t care if she’s plastic I would not mind looking like her. She’s hot.

  19. All that surgery to look like a 50-something country club wife.

  20. Name tags won’t make you relevant, dickwads.

  21. Seeing this ‘couple’ reminds me of why the name of this website represents the entertainment industry.

    I have started working on a new math that will help measure ‘Superficialness’, but I had to work out ‘Doucheyness’ first,
    since it totally relevant.

    So, Superficialness can be measured in HsU’s (HeidispencerUnits). It worked out right away that
    1s (spencer) = 1D (Douche), and
    1H (Heidi) = 1SD (SuperficialDouche).
    It’s a given that putting 1s near anything increases Doucheyness, therefore, 1 HsU = 1MD (MegaDouche).

  22. Cock Dr

    She is garbed and therefore useless.

  23. the whole enchilada

    Her: Please cute guy in the tight shirt please buy us.
    HIm: Please cute guy in the tight shirt please buy us.

  24. BRo

    Mr and Mrs Judas Goat!

  25. Mama Pinkus

    is it me or did her chin grow back?

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