1. Starting to look like one of the Golden Girls.

  2. anonymous

    Damn…maybe Jay Mohr was onto something…..

  3. Echo5

    Entering ‘Stiffler’s Mom’ territory in her hot but aged dirtiness.
    But yeah Benya, I can see some Young Blanche in her as well.
    Oh god kill me for not having to look that name up.

  4. malaka


  5. Jesus Christ gave us doggie style just for girls like this.

  6. That’s a bad hair day. She looked hot as hell on Craig Ferguson a few weeks back. I’d still tame that strange.

  7. Tiggles

    She ought to avoid any kind of bowl for a while.

  8. Are we all going to pretend we don’t see the girl blowing on a dildo?

  9. I still would. I think I always will. From “Who’s the Boss” to “Charmed” I’ve had a boner for this chick for over 20 years now.

  10. Lord Helmet

    Reminds me of any comedy where someone touches a live wire.

  11. 1991 called. It wants its everything back.

  12. She JUST had a baby. Relax folks.

  13. cc

    I cannot WAIT to see the Erbow tomorrow.

  14. Margaret

    go to bed with, yes. wake up with…….not….so much.

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