1. Blanch

    I think we may have found the missing link

  2. Dear Lucifer:
    I am willing to sign the same contract David Spade signed. Have your attorney call my attorney.

    • penis


    • Lucifer

      My ‘Attorney’?

      I invented attorneys.

      I am the Ur-Alpha-Omega-Hawking-Cooper-Boson-Attorney-of-All-Attorneys.

      Regardless, Word Doc is on the way, sent from my AOL acct. Initial A, D, F, and sign on page 4; -in blood [your own, not somebody else's], obvs.

    • Fool. David Spade *is* Lucifer.

      Come on, you already knew this.

      And I use that word loosely–
      I can get you any results you like.
      What’s it worth to you?
      Because there is no wrong,
      there is no right,
      and I sleep very well at night.

    • I don’t buy that they’re actually together. That look on her face is one of those “I’ll pose with him to be polite, and I’ll try to make it look good because that’s the kind of girl I am” expressions.

  3. Its awkward that he sat down after he seated her.

  4. As douchey as he is, you know he fucked her later on that night.

  5. Heywood Jablomie

    If these two ever shorted out a kid imagine the size billboard its four or five head could support.

  6. Heywood Jablomie

    sharted, sorry.

  7. Someone said “no sex if you don’t clean your plate”…and the photo tells the rest of the story.

  8. “I’m not with him … .”
    “I’m with her!”

  9. cc

    Those are big portions.

  10. Fame + Money > Looks + Personality *every time*

  11. Joe Dirt cleans up real nice with a bottle of mousse and a wind tunnel.

  12. Aunt Cracker

    When did Spade start looking like a gay magician?

  13. Coming soon: David Spade IS “Gay d’Artagnan.”

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