1. meshuggah Tits

    Looks like she blew the Soda Stream factory sky-high.

  2. Remember when Black Widow was Russian? Why don’t any of the Marvel heroes used the accent of the country they are supposed to be from? Pisses me off.

    • Lord Helmet

      If that was the biggest problem with Scarlett Johansson playing Black Widow I’d be fine with that compromise.

    • It would’ve been a lot better to have Milla Jovovich or Mila Kunis play Black Widow. They’re actually Russian.

      • Hire this man. Mila…..sigh.

      • Lord Helmet

        Hate to do this Don (really) but they are both Ukrainian. Though Jovovich is half Russian. Russia just occupied the Ukraine for many years and oppressed that culture like so many others. From what I understand telling a Ukrainian that he is Russian is like telling a Chinese that he’s Japanese. They kick you ass for it.

      • Thanks for the correction. I didn’t mean to offend.

      • 123

        Oh, who gives a rat’s ass about ukr! This ‘nation’ is a joke, they have zero achievements (well, except AIDS-ridden prostitutes as its primary export to the West). They should consider themselves lucky if another, much better developed nation takes control over them.

      • A shitload of incredibly beautiful women come from the Ukraine. I think it’s something in the water.

      • Don’t offend Russia by subscribing those Milas to it.
        Hasn’t every ruling country oppressed its smaller nations? Like, every every country?
        Ukraine is NOT Russia, it is far more hopeless.

      • Guys, Guys! Take your political snarking somewhere else – this site is a safe haven for titty- and penis-joke lovers of all creeds, races, political views and sexual orientations. We’re all one big, pervy family.

  3. catapostrophe

    I don’t know what’s coolest–guns, battleships or war planes.

  4. I want this poster and the Sarah Silverman poster from A Million Ways to Die in the West to make out.

  5. Swearin

    You mean promotional materials for comic book properties, and just comics in general, don’t deal in realistic portrayals of the female form?!

  6. The only part of this picture that’s real is the face.

  7. Smapdi

    Nice body, Scarlett. Whose is it?

  8. cc

    Sorry but…not her again.

  9. I looked at the poster quickly and thought it read “Latin America”. My bad.

  10. YourMomsFav

    SJ has amazing tits and she’s hot. Who needs to take an acting class when half of the world will be storing every moment of your time on screen in the memory banks for those “special alone time” moments. You know. Come on. Jackin’ it. Even her voice was annoying in Her. Bod. Pass. Talent. Fail.

    • BobTheBob

      I saw the leaked nude pics of her tits. They are nice, but I wouldn’t say amazing. I’ve seen plenty of twenty somethings with nicer ones live.

  11. The clouds are wavy…

  12. Cock Dr

    It’s a splendid piece of pinup art.

  13. Sam

    Ah BobTheBob, I don’t think we should be judging her rack by that example. Let’s wait until we’ve got a professional photographer’s take on the matter before we give em a grade. And on those leaked photos, why is it that pictures of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and leaked naked photos of Scarlett Johannson always gotta come out like someone smeared vasoline on the lens with sand sprinkled in for texture first?

  14. tik

    I’ve drawn stick figures that bare more resemblance to physical reality than this

  15. anon

    somebody has been photoshopping like his life was depending on it…

  16. Dr Plaid

    She looks like she’s having just another pleasant walk in the park of death and destruction. I want to go there.

  17. sofanisba

    Her body in this looks fucking silly

  18. AnnaD.

    Looks like she’d have trouble drinking a glass of water or taking a deep breath since she doesn’t have intestines or a ribcage.

  19. anonym

    lay off the Liquify tool.

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