1. mamamia

    Like bringin a vegetarian to TONY ROMAS

  2. “Oh good, the male cheerleaders are starting their routine as well..”

  3. Joe Blow

    Hey homo, the girls are in FRONT of you.

  4. You would think UCLA would have hot cheerleaders.

  5. to be fair these aren’t the most attractive cheerleaders

  6. JimBB

    Excuse me, Mr. Lautner specifically said “No Asians! No fat chicks!”

  7. MM, MMM!
    God i want that asian chick so bad

  8. malaka

    the one on the right does kind of make it look like an SNL sketch.

  9. “Whoa! Check out that body on Tony Parker!”

  10. jack

    “Um. Excuse me? Your ass is blocking my view. Shake it for someone who gives a shit.”

  11. cmonreally

    Right cheerleader: Thunder thighs, no belly button, weird face, waist as thick as a tree trunk, roots showing. 2/10, would not bang.

    Left Cheerleader: …mediocre, but acceptable. 6/10, would bang.

  12. Not looking at the skimpily dressed cheerleaders, that pretty much says it all.

  13. Yellow Feverman

    That’s how you tell she’s a legit Asian, her crotch is yellow.

  14. Slappy Magoo

    Where is that hot cock…I mean beer guy! Where is the beer guy!

  15. Ken

    It seems everyone is missing the point; his mouth is closed.

  16. The Asian chick looks delicious.

  17. tlmck

    I will have the Asian girl for $100 Alex.

  18. No, no…NO! I will not look until the sweaty men, err players return to the game.

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