1. All hail this long-legged mack-daddy and his posse.

  2. SIN

    The retard still thinks he’s funny. NOT.

  3. Phoenix

    “Show me a tygah. Yeah, baby!”

  4. What the hell do hobo’s need surveying equipment for?

  5. “Kunta-Kinte-Brand, I have FOUND you…”

  6. Yosemite Sam looks a lot douchier than I remember.

  7. The homeless guy on the right later offered him some change.

  8. He’s shooting himself swapping clothes with a homeless guy?

  9. Check your watch, Russell, your 15 minutes are OVER!

  10. this doesn’t help the stereotype that fat ugly white bitches can only land black dudes. way to help out, Wiz.

  11. Which one is Brand…?

  12. brodyjenner

    a tribe called stressed

  13. mrsbloodyface

    Guess he’ll just walk around that way til the piss dries.

  14. WTF is with the shirtless homeless troll to the right?!

  15. Check out my new band! It’s called “We shit our pants!”

  16. “Walking this way eases the pain of butt sex… You try it.”
    “Come on! I’ll videotape it !”

  17. Leo DiCaprio went all Method with those dreads and the gut. Well, at least the dreads.

  18. AnnaD.

    Ho-ho-ho, hobo style!

  19. mk

    when does his visa expire?

  20. SupaDupa

    Which one’s the muse?

  21. The Royal Penis

    Only chicks piss like this.

  22. Shemp

    Even by West Hollywood standards, he’s dressed like a douche…

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